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Home Brew for All

Welcome to my brewery and pub of beermaking.


Within this site you will find all kinds of information concerning the making of beer in your own home.

While there are quite a few ways and degrees  one can get into making beer, we will mostly be  concerned with KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid ).


After getting your feet wet, or before, we will go into more details and information about all the various steps and processes involved. In addition, we will go more in depth about what happens during the various processes of brewing discussing the science behind the brew. For this look to the More Details link.


Having made beer using kits to all grain, I have found that by taking the lessons and techniques learned from all grain and applying what we can to extract brewing, near or the same quality can be achieved.


On this page is all the ingredients you need to make beer.




Malt comes in liquid and dried.

Known as DME ( dried malt extract ) or LME ( liquid malt extract )  

Yeast comes in dry and liquid.

Dry yeast is easy to use and ready to pitch whenever. Liquid yeast can come in small or pitching quantities.

Hops come in pellet and full leaf.

The female of the hop plant are used for homebrewing. They can be pelletized or whole leaf.

Water, the main ingredient in beer.

Water makes up about 90% of the beer. It’s chemistry is what reacts with everything in the wort to establish all the flavor, bitterness and mouthfeel.