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Are you a beer geek? Do you get whip lash when you pass a new beer on the shelf of your favorite beverage dispensing store?  Well then we have something in common. It’s a great time for beer lovers in America with over 7000 breweries operating throughout the country !

Personally I am not much into the herb or spiced infused beers but rather those earthy, fruity or woody flavors that come from the grains, hops and yeast used along with fermentation temps.

But to each his own.

I remember when the idea of an import was Becks in the grocery store, if you could find it in one of the larger towns. Now with the American micro brewery revolution in full swing, the store shelves are lined with a mecca of different beers. Breweries are constantly trying new things from herbs and fruit to spices and extracts in order to find the next beer that makes a splash with the masses. The variation within beer styles is growing to staggering choices and as they say, so many beers, so little time.