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Home Brew for All
Basic Gear for Brewing



What you will need to get started is listed on the left.  Many homebrewing shops both local and online sell brewing starter kits. Here’s a rundown of the minimum materials you need to enjoy homebrewing. Of course there is more you can do lilke kegs, CO2 setup, etc, but to get started, remember KISS.


We will start with bottles and kits and you can move into the more complex should the brewing “bug” bite you - and it probably will :)


                                                                    On to Brewing day

1 boiling pot - as big as you can get and still maintain a boil if using an electric stove. We will top up to 5 gallons but as little as possible.  Try for stainless as aluminum may react with the acidic wort and tarnish the flavor.

1 large stirring spoon for the kettle. I would stay away from wood unless only using during the boil.

1 fermenter - usually a 5.5 to 6.5 gallon food grade plastic pail sometimes called a Pickle Bucket.

1 Bottling pail - same as the fermenter but with a spout near the bottom to allow a cane to be attached for filling bottles.

Racking cane - for moving beer from primary fermenter to secondary one and/or between that and the bottling bucket.

Bottle cane - this has a nozzle on the end that fills bottles.

Food grade hosing to attach to the canes and bottling tools.

Air lock - allows the CO2 during fermentation to escape the sealed fermeneter.

Cleaners and sanitizers - to clean surfaces of gear and kill rogue bacteria and wild yeast.

Bottles , capper and caps for the finished product.

Brewing day
Getting Started