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During the beginning of the wort boil, there will usually be what’s called a “hot break”.

This occurs from 2 to 10 minutes during the initial boil.

The proteins and peptides in the malt will be coagulating and form a thick foam on the surface which will trap heat and gasses making the wort rise very quickly. If you do not pay attention, the kettle will overflow and a mess be made. They will be broken down after just a few minutes, but one may have to remove the kettle or the heat to manage the situation.


There is much debate about whether to scim the break material or not.

Some say by doing so, the finished beer has a smoother bite / mouthfeel.

Others say it doesn’t matter.

I have done both ways many times and could never tell a difference - honestly.


Whether you scim or not, just be aware that when bringing a wort to a boil, do not take your eyes off it ! Do not walk out of the room, etc. It is amazing how fast the break can occur and the mess you will have to clean up if not diligent in this area.

You have been warned !!


Hot Break


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